Donna Yaklich, the husband murderer, to be released

Donna Yaklich is going to be released after 18-year prison term, she was convicted of hiring two young guys to murder her detective husband. She is now heading to a halfway home after she has spent around 18-year in prison.

The Colorado Women’s Correctional Facility in Canon City has ordered to release Donna Yaklich, 50 in the next ten days’ time. She will then be moved to a halfway house in Arapahoe County. The decision of Donna Yaklich’s release was made by the Arapahoe County Community Corrections Board on Thursday afternoon. Since Donna was not present at the hearing, she got learnt about the order of the court by phone.

Donna Yaklich was nabbed by the police when her husband was killed in the driveway of their house in 1985. She was then sentenced to 40 years in jail. Donna Yaklich’s two brothers – Charles and Edward Greenwell were also nabbed on the charge of Donna’s murder. They were sentenced to 25 years (Charles) and 30 years (Edwards) in prison respectively.
The Donna’s statement said that she was afraid of her husband who was a weightlifter and took steroids. She thought he could kill her so she schemed to kill him.


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