Donna Yaklich, the husband murderer, to be released

Donna Yaklich is going to be released after 18-year prison term, she was convicted of hiring two young guys to murder her detective husband. She is now heading to a halfway home after she has spent around 18-year in prison.

The Colorado Women’s Correctional Facility in Canon City has ordered to release Donna Yaklich, 50 in the next ten days’ time. She will then be moved to a halfway house in Arapahoe County. The decision of Donna Yaklich’s release was made by the Arapahoe County Community Corrections Board on Thursday afternoon. Since Donna was not present at the hearing, she got learnt about the order of the court by phone.

Donna Yaklich was nabbed by the police when her husband was killed in the driveway of their house in 1985. She was then sentenced to 40 years in jail. Donna Yaklich’s two brothers – Charles and Edward Greenwell were also nabbed on the charge of Donna’s murder. They were sentenced to 25 years (Charles) and 30 years (Edwards) in prison respectively.
The Donna’s statement said that she was afraid of her husband who was a weightlifter and took steroids. She thought he could kill her so she schemed to kill him.

6 thoughts on “Donna Yaklich, the husband murderer, to be released”

  1. she killed him for money and freedom. she should have gotten the maximum sentence. the jury that sat on her case was incompetent. i think the legal system should be reviewed. how can a woman hire 2 men to kill her husband, start dating other men immediately and claim she did it in self defense? you don’t scheme a murder in self defense, i believe self defense is more impulsive than calculated. this was pure premeditated murder.

  2. i think your ridiculous, or related to him one. if she did anything wrong,she didnt do it herself. she should have killed the bastard herself when she had the chance. i think she’s a hero and the male dr that sat in the trial and testified should have his license revoked for being a bigamist who thinks women can’t be battered.

  3. He deserved it. I think our laws need to be completely rewritten. They are written for society 200 years ago.

  4. If you sit back and realize everything that happened to her you would understand. Also if you haven’t been in a situation that requires self-defense then you really have no clue how she feels. He was very abusive and coming from and abusive relationship in my past I know how she felt. It is very easy to fall out of love with someone that beats you and then start dating again right away, she had him killed because she wanted to be safe again. There are other ways she could have gone about things but when you are horrified for your life there are only so many options when no one wants to help. I stand by her wanting him dead I would stand by her more if it were her that had killed him.

  5. If the movie depicted any truth at all, Dennis Yaklich deserved what he got. No person, man or woman, has the right to pummel on their spouse or family member. This is domestic violence and it needs to be stopped. Having been a police officer, they do NOT have the right to abuse their badge or the authority that was bestowed upon them with their commission. They need to OBEY the law and be held accountable just like any civilian.

  6. I’m glad he is dead. I know how she felt. No one listens to the woman. I love my country. But the police hide behind the badge and doesn’t do anything about the problem. They are to afraid of having to write reports. Women have to stand up for their rights..

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