Kim Kardashian’s bigger butt is like mine: Kris Jenner

Kim Kardashian is among those fewer lasses of Hollywood entertainment industry rather she can also raise the claim of being the top notch lady of entertainment trade of the US who is utterly a bigger sex explosive from head to feet. There is no doubt at all in this claim if she raises the same since she has the biggest bosom, tremendously trademark bigger butt, thin waist, curvy legs, juicy lips, blood boiling body structure and the heart-hitting beauty.  Kim Kardashian is a complete package.

Although she is supremely sexy and famous for being the socialite and reality star, Kim is widely known for her bigger d-shaped bum in the world. And her mother Kris Jenner has claimed recently that Kim’s bigger butt has come from her as Kim is like her and she has the same d-shaped bigger butt like Kim.

Kris has uttered in a recent interview that Kim’s voluptuous shape and sexy figure is because of her.

Jenner says,

“I think Kim does have my butt for sure. I won’t say what they are, but we have some of the same body issues, so it’s great to talk things through with her.”

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