Tiffany Rubin’s story – how she took son back from S. Korea

Tiffany Rubin is on the headlines today but the question comes in mind as to why? This is because Tiffany’s 7 years old son Kobe Lee got kidnapped by her former beau Jeffery Salko on August 21st 2008.

The couple was sharing the custody of the kid earlier but after spending 6 months in prison for the failure in bearing the expenditures of the kid support, Jeffery Salko finally decided to kidnap the son and then did the same when he found the opportunity. After abducting the kid, he took him to his native land South Korea.

On her Myspace account, Tiffany Rubin got an anonymous tip from someone who claimed as to where her son was and which school he went to!

With that piece of information and the support of the American Association for Lost Children Inc., Tiffany Rubin packed the bags and flew to South Korea. She reached son’s school and took permission from the teacher to talk to him. Tiffany took the son into the hall where she disguised Kobe with a wig so that when they both left the hall no one could recognize him.

Soon after Rubin with son took shelter in the US Embassy until they could find the safe way out. Eventually she succeeded in getting her son back in the US.


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